Basic Layout
From EPoX Motherboard Manual
Copyright 1997 by EpoX Computer Company

EP-61OXA-M Form-Factor

The EPOX EP-6 I BXA-M is designed with ATX form factor - the latest industry standard of chassis. The ATX form factor is essentially a Baby-AT baseboard rotated 90 degrees within the chassis enclosure and a new mounting configuration for the power supply. With these changes the processor is relocated away from the expansion slots, allowing them all to hold full length add-in cards. ATX defines a double height aperture to the rear of the chassis which can be used to host a wide range of onboard 1/0. Only the size and position of this aperture is defined, allowing PC manufacturers to add new 1/0 features (e.g.; TV input, TV output, joystick, modem, LAN, audio, etc.) to systems. This will help systems integrators differentiate their products in the marketplace, and better meet your needs.

By integrating more 1/0 down onto the board and better positioning the hard
drive and floppy connectors material cost of cables and add-in cards is reduced.

By reducing the number of cables and components in the system, manufacturing time and inventory holding costs are reduced and reliability will increase.

By using an optimized power supply, if s possible to reduce cooling costs and lower acoustical noise. An ATX power supply, which has a side-mounted fan, allows direct cooling of the processor and add-in cards making a secondary fan or active heatsink unnecessary in most system applications.

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